2024 Conference Pre-Trip: Helsinki

Thu, April 4, 2024 - Sun, April 7, 2024 / Finland

Travel with fellow members and their companions for the Conference Pre-Trip to Helsinki for a relaxed exploration of art, design, architecture, culture and gastronomy. 

Helsinki is a charming seaside city with a unique twist. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a place where urban culture meets coastal nature. The easy-going Nordic lifestyle and friendly locals make it easy to fall in love with this northern city - the capital of the happiest country in the world!

  • A Guided 'History and Architecture' Tour including but not limited to - Eliel Saarinen's award-winning Helsinki Railway Station & Hotel Grand Central - Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by American architect Steven Holl - Helsinki Central Library Oodi, one of the most demanding projects carried out in Finland
  • A private visit to the Temprellaukio Church Taka: ""the Church on the rock"": designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen • Rihitie 20 The Aalto House and Tilimäki 20, Studio Aalto
  • A visit to Hvitträsk, a joint project of young architects Eliel Saarinen, Armas Lindgren and Herman Gesellius of Gesellius-Lindgren- Saarinen Architects guided by a member of the Saarinen family.
  • A visit to Fiskars Village, an ironwork site established in 1649 home of the most iconic Finnish design brand. The industrial heritage inspires future innovations in design, art, and crafts in the village.
  • A private guided tour of the Paimio Sanatorium, a key importance to the international career of architects A var and Aino Aalto
  • A private reception at Marimekko, a Finnish design house tounded in 1951
  • We will dine at at the iconic Restaurant Savoy, interiors designed by architect couple Aino and Alvar Aalto as well as Nokka, a pioneer of wild and sustainable cuisine. The historic Hotel Kamp's will be your home while in Helsinki. It's rich, prestigious past continues to define its soul and being, while it otters all the modern luxuries and services one can desire

Helsinki architecture boasts of intricate and multifaceted designs. The architectural sights extend from Alvar Aalto's distinctive blend of modernist refinement, indigenous materials, and personal expression in form and detail to Art Nouveau architecture. The Art Nouveau abundantly present in the capital, opens the door to the world of the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, with details such as intricate trees, flowers and forest creatures. Many of the architectural details, the windows, stairwells and doors, are beyond comparison in their beauty.

Helsinki expresses and celebrates its quirky spirit through design. Design is an essential cornerstone of the city, it is integral to the way the city behaves and functions, which can be felt and experienced as you spend time here.

The historic Hotel Kämp's will be your home while in Helsinki. It's rich, prestigious past continues to define its soul and being, while it offers all the modern luxuries and services one can desire.