Designing Your Transformation: How to Strategize, Prototype and Act on YOUR Bold Idea

Wed, September 25, 2019 / Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai California

We each have bold ideas for our firm's future, but rarely have the time, the coaching or the peer support to create our desired transformations. This highly interactive workshop is designed expressly to be your catalyst for bringing about meaningful change, such as launching a new venture, steering to a new direction, changing your ownership or leadership, and many more significant moves LDC members are considering. Business transformation expert Tom Andrews co-created the unique curriculum with Keith Granet and Meg Touborg, noted strategists within the design industry. Following TJA Leadership's proprietary change managment processes, Keith and Meg will instruct and inspire LDC Members and their senior staff to define desired outcomes, dismantle roadblocks and prototype a plan with process rigor and personal honesty. This workshop takes place surrounded by the beautiful nature and architecture of the Ojai Valley Inn. Our time together will conclude with a learning lunch at Patina Farm hosted by Brooke and Steve Giannetti, who wil I share their journey to personal and business transformation. 

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