Elevations: Rethinking the Post-Pandemic Home - The Designers Promise

Fri, May 22, 2020 / Zoom Live

This time at home has created a new audience eager to live better. The design industry has a big opportunity, but the landscape has evolved. No one will emerge from this with neutral feelings about their home' Please join us to learn about Sophie Donel son's manadate that the homes of the future will be built for wellbeing. She believes it's time to update the answer to why hire a designer. 

Sophie will share some big-picture and conceptual ideas about living in a post-pandemic world, including evolved fioor-plans and materials, and how to re-shape the conversation with clients (and would-be clients) in order to ensure designers remain highly valued and in demand. 

Sophie Donelson : Sophie is consumed with how people live, how the built environment affects our wellbeing, and how design can play a pivotal role in providing a better quality of life. She is the founder of an eponymous consultancy devoted to thinking, speaking and writing about the home. She served as editor in chief of House Beautiful and is the author of the bestseller "Style Secrets: What Every Room Needs."