Fees, Salaries and Value : Workshop for Design Firm Leaders

Wed, January 30, 2013 / Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Pocantico Hills, NY

Designers and Architects build, construct and publish every day, producing visible and enduring results. Behind these public achievements, each firm must determine the fees of each project and the salaries of its staff.

What are the numbers and rationale of this daily financial cycle? So many business models exist; yet, how do high-end architecture and interior design firms really charge for their services? What are salary levels for each staff level? How do these figures relate to the profitability of the firm and perhaps most importantly, to the perceived value for clients?

The LDC has commissioned an exclusive study by a professional market research firm to understand the actual data and details of billing methods, rates and salaries.

For the first-time ever, participants in this workshop will dissect the real dollars of LDC members’ business models. We will evaluate the tangible numbers and assess the intangible benefits to principals, employees and clients. We will
discuss members’ own firm models via case studies contributed by members. Workshop participants will leave with never-before-available data and a unique appreciation for how value and revenue intersect in design firms.