The Leaders of Design was created to elevate and enhance the value of design.

We achieve our mission by nurturing a robust membership of design leaders with frequent education programs and networking opportunities, and one annual international conference.  Our community includes leaders from architecture, interior design and landscape design firms, as well as leaders of relevant product, service and media companies. 

All our members illustrate high talent and strong character, and are admitted after a comprehensive application review, including references by current members. Members are based in over 40 cities across the globe.  Our members are design entrepreneurs who thrive on new experiences to stimulate innovation in their practices and companies.

This special community is fueled by monthly get-togethers, quarterly business workshops, one annual conference and an on-line presence.  Each and every detail of our organization and its events is carefully considered, in response to members' needs. Our Co-founder Keith Granet along with Marc Szafran and Dana Colla personally arrange and host all of our activites. In sum, the Leaders of Design Council facilitates business education, personal inspiration and professional connections for its membership, all year long.


“…another wonderful adventure together--informative, inspiring, challenging, provocative, thought provoking, and fun. I have met so many wonderful new friends and colleagues through these adventures with you, and will always be so grateful to you both for opening up those possibilities to me.” 
- Gil Schafer, G.P. Schafer Architect, PLLC

“Meg and Keith I wanted to thank you for the very inspiring LDC!  There was so much to absorb with the great group of speakers, all diverse in what they offered.  And I connected with many different people and I really enjoyed that so much. You both make such a difference in our world of design!“
 - Suzanne Kasler, Suzanne Kasler Interiors

“I am so happy I came to Dublin. The workshops and the lectures were very interesting, the conversations and meeting new people a lot of fun. We are so used to our own way of thinking that an experience like the one in Dublin opens doors even within yourself.  Seeing things in different ways and from a different prospective is a great catalyst for new ideas and to expand one ’s own creativity.”
- Allegra Hicks, AH Lifestyle Ltd.

“I was blown away by the conference in Dublin…I loved every minute and am still thinking about it.  Thank you for putting together such an amazing program of events, and for including me in the fun.”
- David Desmond, David Desmond, Inc.