Leaders of Design 2022 Annual Conference

Sun, April 10, 2022 / Brugge, Belgium

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The Annual Conference is the keystone to building and sustaining community for the Leaders of Design Council. We create a dynamic “melting pot’ of our esteemed members -  designers, sponsors, international influencers and media in intriguing locations, to inspire our members to be informed by fresh knowledge gathered from a new city, new individuals and new alliances. The strategy for our success lies in these ingredients: 
  • A special location, personally scouted and curated by our leaders who select exclusive experiences in an exotic location to avoid distractions of our daily professional and personal lives
  • A special focus on the people of our community, ensuring all members meet and spend both official and informal times together 
  • A mixture of content to provide intellectual and creative stimulation from both inside and outside the field of design 
  • Carefully constructed logistics, where members are hosted 24-7 by our Leaders of Design team 
In each city, we marvel at new sights and new experiences. In Brugge we have the pleasure of working in concert with Axel and Boris Vervoodt to make this conference extra special.  We will visit Kannal, a place for inspiration, a mixed-use setting that offer a unique experience, created by the Vervoordts as well as joining the Vervoodts at their Castle.  This will be a one of kind event not to miss!  

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