Tue, October 24, 2023 - Thu, October 26, 2023 / Colorado Springs CO

Your company culture has never been so important. It is important for the sustainability of your employees and it is equally important in how you communicate your value to your clients. If you are interested in building a firm that transcends you as the founder, this workshop is for you.

David Lecours, our leadership coach in Tel Aviv will be expanding on this topic well beyond the wonderful taste of it we experienced in Israel.

Session I.

We will focus inward to lay the foundation for your culture + brand. Different than David's talk on Culture in Israel, this workshop will include in-class exercises and topic-led interaction with your peers.

Session II.

The outward expression of your culture + brand will be the focus. We will cover how to promote your culture + brand externally to scale beyond the founding owner. Expect to work on a plan that you can take to your firm to implement.

We will be staying at The Broadmoor, the legendary resort where the spirit of the West inspires the adventurer within, providing endless opportunities to explore the picturesque mountains, streams, and canyons that have inspired generations.

This workshop is open to all members and their key team members.

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